Friday, February 6, 2009

Andy Stanley (Pastor) - A very dangerous man!

Who is Andy Stanley? Where does Andy Stanley come from? Is Andy Stanley a false prophet? Should we stay away from the teachings of Andy Stanley?

Keep in mind that I am writing this blog to inform you of the teachings of Andy Stanley so you will tell all of your friends about this blog. I want word to spread through the masses so that Andy Stanley himself can visit this blog and repent!!! THAT IS MY ONLY GOAL. I WANT ANDY STANLEY TO STEP UP TO THE PLATE, AND ADMIT THAT HE IS TEACHING A FALSE GOSPEL THAT IS BASED MORE ON COMEDY THAN ANYTHING ELSE. It is called the "itching ears" doctrine that God speaks about in the New Testament.

Andy Stanley
is a dangerous man because he is very much looked up to by the youth of America. As I have spoken of before, Andy Stanley pastors a church of almost 20,000 people in Alpharetta, Ga. Not only North Point, but 3 separate locations within 30 miles of each other. The Bible warns us about young charismatic men who will arrive in the last days, such as Andy Stanley... so we must always be on guard when we are listening to someone who might be trying to deceive us. Therefore, if you will open your eyes and ears as we watch the Andy Stanley videos ahead, it will be crystal clear as to why this gospel is an abomination.

The answer to all of your questions about Andy Stanley and more will be clearly absorbed by you the more we dig deeper into this study. Now, to the untrained eye as I have been teaching you before it is very hard to distinguish the truth from a form of the truth. Andy Stanley is a very charismatic, eloquent speaker who "teaches" the Bible in a very "practical way." God's anointed ones are NEVER going to be called "PRACTICAL." The only way to describe a true prophet of God is by using the term "RADICAL." Don't those two terms look like polar opposites? Hmm... GOOD-EVIL RADICAL-PRACTICAL, interesting points huh?

Men like Andy Stanley will change the Word of God to fit their agendas so they can find favor with men, instead of finding favor with God. Andy Stanley has a bookstore in the back of the church that sells cases of Andy's books, tapes, and dvd sets... IN ALL THREE LOCATIONS.

Hopefully, this is starting to sink in with some of you. Now, I want you to check out these videos and pay close attention to the style this man Andy Stanley is using. There is no mention of the consequences of being in the desert in his Bible Sermon. He dresses up the gospel in a nice simple and sweet little comedy routine disguised to keep the people "feeling good and coming back for more." Andy Stanley is a deceiver. Andy Stanley is a mocker. Andy Stanley is a false prophet. I pray that the spirit of the Lord will open your eyes on this day. God bless you.


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